Day 840. Make someone feel important.

July 13, 2013

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 840.  Friday, July 12, 2013
Smiling Daffodil:  “Argh!  Sally, it’s already 2:30!  I will go buy a cake right now.”

Sally:  “Try to get chocolate!”

So off I went – the nearest store about a half hour round trip.  Not really the way I want to spend my afternoon.  But I know it’s the right thing to do.

I browsed the bakery.  I spotted a cake I’d like.  It had M&Ms, Kit Kat candy bars… it was a serious sugar rush.  I knew the employees would enjoy it.

But I imagined my boss’s reaction to the cake.  I’m not sure she’d know what to do with it.  She likes sweets but not that much.

I scanned the counter to find the cake.  I spotted a cake labeled Chocolate Heaven.

She likes chocolate—and it’s a good sized cake for the office.  Plus it had pretty flowers made of frosting.

Bakery Clerk:  “What message do you want on the cake?”

Smiling Daffodil:  “Oh.  Wow.  Um… then “Happy Birthday!”  It’s for my boss, so there’s no pressure!”

Bakery Clerk:  “Ha.  No worries!”

My cake got decorated and I returned to the office.  It’s not that today was busy at the office—but I just wasn’t interested in driving around town this afternoon.

As I pulled in to the parking lot at work my heart sank.

Smiling Daffodil:  “Where’s her car?”

It was just after 3 pm.  I assumed she left early.

Smiling Daffodil:  “If anyone thinks I’m going to go out on Monday and buy another cake for her they are out of their minds.  What a waste of time.  A waste of time!”

I walked in, saw a coworker and asked, “IS SHE GONE?”

Coworker:  “No, she’s still here.”

Smiling Daffodil:  “Oh.  Thank goodness.  I didn’t see her car.  I assumed…”

The company assembled in the lunch room… then my boss arrived.

Crowd:  “Happy Birthday!”

We sang and then ate cake.  Employees enjoyed the camaraderie and joking around with my boss.

Boss:  “Was it you that got the cake, Smiling Daffodil?”

Smiling Daffodil:  “Yes.”

Boss:  “Thank you.  It was very good.”

Smiling Daffodil:  “You are welcome.”

The Dale Carnegie principles used in this story are from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Don’t worry about the past.

From How to Win Friends and Influence People:
Principle 9.  Make the other person feel important—and do it sincerely.

Readers the choice of principles might sound odd.  In the past I’d get reprimanded for not taking part in birthday celebrations at work.  While you may understand my perspective on the matter—I can also understand another point of view.  People like to feel special on their day.  Why deny them that feeling?  Plus others get to partake in the festivities in making the other person feel important.

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

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