Day 923. Be action-oriented

October 6, 2013

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 923.  Thursday, October 3, 2013
Smiling Daffodil:  “Why am I doing this?”

I stayed late at work so that I could attend the dance party that was at a nearby studio.  As I parked the car at the dance studio, I asked myself the same question.  “Why am I doing this?”

It’s late, after all.  I am tired.  I have TWO blogs to write.  I haven’t been to the gym in awhile… yet I am attending a dance party at 9 pm at the Dallas studio.  It will take an hour to get home.  I will eat dinner at home and go to bed at some point…

But then I remembered why I was doing this.  Last week I told my friend Kim I’d be at this event. I had to keep my word.  And I needed to see Kim for two reasons:  I had souvenirs to give her from my recent trip to Europe and she had some items to lend me for my new blog.  Plus, as circumstances would have it—my friend Todd got a new job.  I wanted to be sure to dance with him to celebrate.

So, of course I had to be at this studio, at 9 pm for a dance party that would only last an hour.

The party began.  I saw Kim sitting nearby.

Smiling Daffodil:  “How’s it going?  How is work?”

Kim:  “I’m tired.  It was quite a day.”

I got pulled away to dance so we were unable to finish our conversation.

After class Todd and Kim walked me to my car.

I handed Kim her souvenirs—one of which I kind of splurged on.  It wasn’t expensive but compared to the other gifts I purchased for the rest of my friends—it was ‘fancy.’

Kim:  “Oh my gosh!  It’s a Hello Kitty fan!”

Kim was thrilled.

Smiling Daffodil:  “You mentioned you collect Hello Kitty items.  But technically you don’t have enough so I’m adding to the collection!”

When I returned home I noticed a photo on Facebook that Kim posted.

She photographed the Hello Kitty fan and thanked me publicly.

Kim:  “I wasn’t having a good day today—but you made my day!  Thank you!”

Smiling Daffodil:  “You are very welcome!  Your excitement and appreciation have made my day!”

The Dale Carnegie principles featured in this story are from How to Win Friends and Influence People:
Principle 2.  Give honest, sincere appreciation.

From How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Create happiness for others.

The lesson in this story:  be action-oriented for others.  Don’t wait by the sidelines with a plan to someday do good for someone—or someday tell someone you appreciate them—or someday build a relationship with them.  Do it now.  Yes, it may take time away from yourself—but how much richer life becomes when you get involved in life—and in the lives of others.  Take an active role to live—to be among friends—and to apply the Dale Carnegie principles whenever you can.

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

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