Day 939. What to do when you’re running late to a wedding…

October 30, 2013

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 939.  Saturday, October 19, 2013
I set my alarm clock for 9 am.  I assumed that would give me enough time to get ready and drive to the wedding.

Admittedly, I didn’t look up where the wedding was located.  I just assumed that since it was somewhere in Dallas, it would be an hour away.

I left the house an hour before the wedding.  I also had to stop at Target to buy a wedding card and gift card.

My GPS indicated it would take 40 minutes to get to my destination.

I was calm during the first part of my drive.  But then there was traffic.  No problem—I’ll take a detour—I know different routes.  Then my GPS advised I take 35 North…. So I did.

The GPS had me take all sorts of turns before I realized it was confused.  I had to be on the opposite side of town from where it was telling me to go.

I got back on track and headed toward downtown Dallas… there was horrible, horrible traffic.  So I took detours.  The detours got me deeper into Dallas….

Eventually I got back on track.  By this time it was 11:15 am… the wedding started at 11 am. I was frustrated.

Why didn’t I leave earlier?  Why did the GPS misguide me?  Maybe I should cut my losses and go back home.

I tried to remain calm.  No, I’ll keep going.

So I did.

Then I approached another traffic jam… I was on a highway that leads to the State Fair.  It seemed like the entire state of Texas was on that highway going to the State Fair.

I tried to remain calm despite the crazy traffic.

Smiling Daffodil:  “What is the point God?”

It was now 11:30 am.

Smiling Daffodil:  “What kind of fool shows up to a wedding this late? I’m inconsiderate.  I should have planned.   And that dumb GPS was wrong.”

I decided to accept that I was late—and I’d get there whenever.  I’d make the best of it—at least I’m making an effort.

While I was stuck in traffic I realized that everyone in the state of Texas just needed to get into the right lane to go to the State Fair… the rest of the highway was empty.

I continued driving and found the church.  It was now 11:40 am.

Once I parked my car I sent a text to my friend who was already at the wedding.

Smiling Daffodil:  “I’m here.”

Robin:  “The wedding hasn’t started yet!”

I was glad I hadn’t given up and gone home.

The Dale Carnegie principle I used is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Cooperate with the inevitable.

The lesson in this story:  When things don’t go as planned you can get upset or you can accept reality and adjust to the change as best you can.

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

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