Day 959. Overwhelmed by tasks? Try this approach…

March 10, 2014

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 959.  Friday, November 8, 2013
The more I thought about the day the more concerned I became.

Aside from work, I wanted to get new tires on my car, have dinner with some friends, go to the dance studio, take some headshots, go to the bookstore, go to the gym and work on my blog.

Rather than focus on all the tasks I needed/wanted to complete, I focused on getting each one taken care of at the appropriate time.  Otherwise, I’d go crazy!

I went to the tire store.  While I waited for an hour, I read an interesting book.  Sitting and reading seemed to relax me and it was material I needed to read for work.

On my drive from work I panicked about finding a bookstore.  After all, I need to meet friends for dinner.  No problem.  I did a search and found a bookstore on my route.

Next I went to have dinner with friends.  As I sat at dinner I was relaxed and not worried about the upcoming tasks.  I enjoyed my time with my friends.

Then at 9 pm I left and headed to the dance studio that was surprisingly, only a few minutes away.  Dancing and head shot photos were taken care of.  Friends invited me for a drink at McDonald’s.  This was not on my schedule.  This would cost me time.  I went anyway—I figured it would be nice to spend time with friends.  I lived in the moment—unconcerned about my next tasks.

Afterwards I went to the gym then worked on my blog.

The Dale Carnegie principle used is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Live in “day-tight compartments.”

The lesson in this story:  If you try to focus on everything you have to do you’ll become overwhelmed and discouraged.  Instead, deal with the tasks in their due time.  Focus on getting one task complete.  Then the next.  Then the next.  As you complete the tasks you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment and that will help you move on to the next.


365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

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