Day 967. Take a chance. Create happiness for others!

March 16, 2014

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 967.  Saturday, November 16, 2013
It was 6:30 pm when I left the house—much later than I had planned.

I raced to the church for the dance.  It was important to be there early—while I didn’t organize the event itself I had invited my friends to attend.

I was nervous and excited.

When I arrived I saw I had three tables.

Smiling Daffodil:  “Carla, I didn’t realize I’d be filling three tables!”

There wasn’t a band.  We all wondered where the band would set up.

It was 7 pm—the event started.  I wondered if the band cancelled.  We are there to dance!

Then I wondered if I’d fill up all three tables I ordered.

Would people like the food?

Would people mix and mingle?

The band arrived.  My friends trickled in.  All three tables filled up.  People were talking, dancing… smiling.

Smiling Daffodil:  “Deanna, I’m so glad you could come!  I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

Deanna:  “I’ve been sick—in fact this past Thursday was my first time back in about a week.  And I was determined not to miss this event!”

Later while we were eating dinner, Deanna commented to our group, “I didn’t know what to wear this evening.  I had three different dresses.”

She turned to another student who was new.

Deanna:  “I never get dressed up.  But dancing has done this to me!”

This made me so happy.  The event meant something to her.

Carla:  “Roe, when they play “In the Mood” will you dance with me?”

Roe:  “Yes, I will.”

Time went by pretty fast.  Everyone had several rounds out on the dance floor.  I even got to Lindy Hop.

Roe made the rounds making sure all the ladies had a chance to dance.  I took photos of everyone on the dance floor.

The last song was played… and it wasn’t “In the Mood.”  Carla was disappointed—I knew she wanted to dance the song.

Smiling Daffodil:  ‘Carla, don’t worry.  We will make it happen.  I have the song on my iPhone!”

The song wasn’t very loud but we held the phone near the two as they danced.  Carla was grinning having a great time.

Janice:  “Smiling Daffodil, thank you for organizing our group!  This was SO much fun!  When is the next event?”

I smiled and replied, “Soon!”

We all walked out as a group together.  One of the church organizers for the event thanked our group for coming and entertaining them with our dancing.

The Dale Carnegie principles featured in this story are from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Create happiness for others.

The lesson in this story:  For a rewarding experience, try creating happiness for your friends.  Bringing them together for a shared experience gives them an opportunity to be social, learn about each other and do something out of the ordinary.  It benefits you and them.

Deanna commented at one point during the event, “this beats being home watching television.”  This is what it was all about to me.  Getting my friends out for an experience that would stretch their comfort zone just a little and would also be something they’d enjoy.  Many of the students who attended are the newer dance students and giving them a chance to be social, practice their dance steps and get to know the other students in a public setting means a great deal.

365+ Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

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