Guest Blogger “Dilecta”: How my husband surprised me by using this Dale Carnegie Principle…

By Dilecta (from Latin word)

I am writing this at the encouragement of the Smiling Daffodil and to honor my husband.  As an introduction, my husband is an amazing man.  He is loving, hardworking, fun, and so good I should have to pay dues to be married to him.  One thing he is not, though, is “romantic.”  He shows his love in many ways, but flowers, dinner by candlelight, sweet nothings, and other typical romantic gestures are not his forte.  Valentine’s Day is just another day for him.  You get the idea.

Well, Wednesday night, my husband “Dan” called and spoke to one of the young children, but not to me, and when I asked what he wanted, all I got was a suspicious grin in reply.  The way the conversation went, I expected Dan was going to bring home pizza the next night since he and the children didn’t like what I was planning for dinner.

You can imagine my surprise when the next afternoon, my eldest came to me and said, “Daddy wants you to get dressed into something really nice.”  What?!  Is someone stopping by? Is he splurging and we’re all going to a restaurant for pizza?  Does he have something else up his sleeve?  At this point, my mind is spinning, and I’m grinning from ear to ear, wondering what is going on.  Shortly thereafter, Dan walks in the door.  He has been working insanely long hours lately, so this is definitely out of the ordinary.  I asked him what was going on, and he just smiled a suspicious smile and told me it’s a surprise.  By this time, I’m out-of-control giddy with excitement.  (I LOVE good surprises.)  A few minutes later, my mother-in-law shows up to baby-sit the children, and my imagination soars.

We left soon after, and he kept me in suspense the whole way.  I asked Dan what the occasion was, and he told me it was in appreciation for all that I do, and that the idea came to him about a month ago, but some of the details fell together at the last minute due to his work schedule.  We stopped first at a place that was very special to us from our engagement.  Then, on the way to our next stop he pulled out a menu to one of the most elegant restaurants in the city.  For a moment I was speechless.  My husband is an auditor and very responsible with his money; while not a miser, he is surely no spendthrift.  He went all out on this evening.  To end the night, he had tickets to a live musical performance downtown.

The principle my husband Dan used is from How to Win Friends and Influence People:
Principle 2.  Give honest, sincere appreciation.

I think at least half of my delight from the evening came from the element of surprise and from the fact that this type of thing is so out of character for Dan.  He made me feel loved and special in so many ways, and he really made the night special for me, doing things I rarely or never do, and which he knew I would enjoy.  He made time for us out of his crazy schedule, listened to me and engaged me in uninterrupted and worthwhile conversation, and even stayed out late when he was probably exhausted.  I waited nearly thirteen years for a day like this, and I would willingly wait thirteen more.  It was a night I will remember forever, and I am grateful to him.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles By The Smiling Daffodil

Editor’s Note:
What I like about this story is that both individuals—Dan and Dilecta, demonstrated Principle 2.  What you’ll discover when using this principle on others is that both parties benefit.

Thank you “Dilecta” for sharing your story!

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