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The human nose is the protruding part of the face that bears the nostrils. The shape of the nose is determined by the nasal bones and the nasal cartilages, including the nasal septum which separates the nostrils. On average the nose of a male is larger than that of a female. Structure - Clinical significance - Society and culture - Evolutionary hypotheses. A nose is a protuberance in vertebrates that houses the nostrils, or nares, which receive and expel air for respiration alongside the mouth. Behind the nose are the olfactory mucosa and the sinuses. Human nose - Category:Nose - Disambiguation. Dozens of passengers on the flight yesterday started bleeding from their ears and nose in a complete panic as they were gasping for air.

The nose is the external protuberance of an internal space, the nasal cavity. It is subdivided into a left and right canal by a thin medial cartilaginous and bony wall, the nasal septum. There are many problems that can affect the nose including a deviated septum, nasal polyps, nosebleeds, rhinitis, and nasal fractures. The nose is part of the respiratory system and also contributes to other important functions, such as hearing and tasting.

From Middle English nose, from Old English nosu, from Proto-Germanic *nusō ( compare Saterland Frisian Noose, West Frisian noas, Dutch neus, Swedish nos, . The nose is the body's primary organ of smell and also functions as part of the body's respiratory system. Air comes into the body through the. Cold or allergy season can leave you with a dry nose. Dry nose is also common in people in drier climates. While it can be uncomfortable, there are items in your .


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