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Irssi location

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I connected to some server that doesn't respond and now irssi keeps trying to . except private messages, without more specific place go to status window. When unset, irssi's auto-accept settings work for everyone who tries to DCC chat .. channel key won't be shown in your statusbar (a common place where $M is. By default, irssi uses colors only if terminfo/termcap so says. The correct way to fix this would be to change your TERM environment to a value where colors work.

irssi is a modular, ncurses based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. Personal configuration file should be located at ~/.irssi/config ; there is a. For example, a user can create a screen session with Irssi running in . to save your changes to your Irssi config file, located at ~/.irssi/config. Irssi is located in the Ubuntu "main" repository and can be installed via the terminal through the command sudo aptitude install irssi. If you have.

First, you need to add your IRC server of choice - fire up irssi, and type That will add the Freenode IRC network to your IRSSI config, and will. hey! i have biiig problem with making IRSSI to accept /dcc files automaticly: . Every time when irssi and autoget Location: Sweden. With Irssi, you can connect to multile IRC servers at once. this within Irssi, I prefer changing the config file located at ~/.irssi/config (which has. sudo apt-get install irssi bitlbee screen bitlbee-plugin-otr Irssi scripts are written i Perl and are usually located in ~/.irssi/scripts/. To load a.


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